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Our attorneys have obtained the most successful jury verdicts in the past 10 years in the CNMI.


Our attorneys provide vigorous representation in all aspects of criminal litigation and thrive in highly contested cases.


Our attorneys have exceptional negotiation experience and vast experience in mediations.

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"Two other law firms refused to take my case.  The defense offered only $5,000.00 (three days before trial) which was way below policy limit.  At trial, the defense lawyers accused me of many things.  The jury gravitated to Mr. Torres's sincere, honest and commanding presentation of my case.  The jury awarded me over $500,000.00, which we also succeeded on appeal and was eventually paid.  Thank you for believing in me."

Caiyun Mu

" I fell while working on assignment.  My injury was so bad I had a surgery and couldn't return to work.  I was worried how I was going to pay my bills.  But, thank God, he led me to Mr. Holley who diligently worked on my case.  He secured for me finances for my on going medications and for my inability to earn an income."

L. Datangel

"I am a mother of 3.  When a drunk driver hit me I didn't know how I was going to handle it.  The drunk driver left so he was never prosecuted and I didn't know if I could even have a case.  Thankfully, I was referred to Mr. Holley and it turned out that my case was resolved successfully."

Lourdes M.

"I was represented by another lawyer where my case was dormant for almost a year.  I took a gamble and switched to Mr. Holley.  He was hesitant to take my case at first and asked me to reconsider out of respect for the other lawyer.  When he finally took my case, I immediately saw a huge difference in the effort, progress and detail.  He successfully got a settlement substantially higher than my previous lawyer's highest projection.  His experience and dedication made all the difference." 

Sharon K.

​"I am so glad I didn't accept the insurance adjuster's offer without calling Mr. Holley first.  He guided me along in the process and was always responsive to my concerns.   He got me a settlement amount that was exponentially larger than the adjuster's offer."

J. Perez

"My case was handled with professionalism and care.  Mr. Torres was with me every step of the way and he took his time with me so that I understood each step of the process.  With the nature of my work and community involvement, I just completely put my trust to Mr. Torres and truly he got a great outcome of my case. Thank you."

J. Tenorio

"I cannot disclose the settlement amount but I can say that I am extremely happy. . . let me say this again, extremely happy with the result and services.  Your attorneys got me a settlement above my expectation.  I highly recommend Mr. Holley and Mr. Torres."

K. Guerrero

"Mr. Torres represented someone against me and got a huge judgment.  He was very good at trial (against me).  When I needed an attorney, I decided to turn to him to represent my interest where he got me a very successful settlement."

M. Igros

​"Even though Mr. Torres recommended we go to trial he was supportive of my decision to settle in the amount I was already satisfied with .  He respected my decision and felt no pressure.  Thank you for always looking after my interest."

C. Dela Cruz

"I'd like to thank everyone who made all the effort to pursue the case and I'm really glad it has come to an end.  Thank you for the staff for the times that you listened to all my concerns.  And Matt, for encouraging me and enlighten my hope that that this case will always be ours.  And lastly, thank you all for making this happen.  I appreciate every effort and time you spend on my case.  I won't forget you guys."

Mark L.

"I tried to settle on my own but was unsuccessful. I wanted to settle for and made a $15,000.00 offer but it was rejected. . . I am not joking, the insurance company rejected my offer, in writing.  Mr. Torres took my case to trial and the jury came back in less than 4 hours of deliberation with an award of over $500,000.00 which by the way was fully paid without much delay.   Thank you so much for everything."

W. Villagomez

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