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Electronic Systems Technology will allow you to become an asset in the Construction Industry
with focus in the electrical system aspect. It will start with a prerequisite class that teaches the basics for
the construction trade. This class emphasizes system technology including broadband, fiber optics, video
& audio systems, and telecommunication systems. With the guidance of our industry professionals,
students will take a test at the end to become certified by the National Center for Construction
Educations and Research (NCCER) which is recognized nationally in the United States. Students must
complete Electronics Level 3 and Electronics Level 4 as a prerequisite for Electronic System Technology.


Core class is a prerequisite class that is needed before continuing any construction specialty
trade. This gives the basic knowledge from construction math, introduction to hand tools and power
tools, introduction to drawings and basic materials handling. It also teaches about employability and

Electrical Systems Technology Level 3:

This class educates on limited energy cabling, limited cable selection, limited energy cable
termination, limited energy network installations. It will enable students to upskill themselves by
teaching fiber optics, wireless communication, rack assembly and maintenance & repair.

Electrical Systems Technology Level 4:

This advanced course focuses on audio & video systems, broadband, telecommunication
systems, residential & commercial networks, and media management systems. It also expands on fire
alarm systems, access control systems, and closed-circuit television.