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Electrical will allow you to become an asset in the Construction Industry with focus in the
electrical direction. It will start with a prerequisite class that teaches the basics for the construction
trade then focusing on electrical circuits, electrical installations, and practical applications of lighting.
With the guidance of our industry professionals, students will take a test at the end of each class to
become certified by the National Center for Construction Educations and Research (NCCER) which is
recognized nationally in the United States.


Core class is a prerequisite class that is needed before continuing any construction specialty
trade. This gives the basic knowledge from construction math, introduction to hand tools and power
tools, introduction to drawings and basic materials handling. It also teaches about employability and

Electrical Level 1:

This course is an introduction to electrical trade by teaching safety, electronic circuits, electrical
theory, device boxes, hand bending, conductors, cables, and residential wiring. It also focuses on
introduction to the National Electrical Code and Basic Construction Documents. Illuminating the way for
the Electrical trade.

Electrical Level 2:

This is a step above basic electrical with classes centering around installations, sizing, and
controls. This class offers education in electric lighting, conductor installations, grounding & bonding, in
addition, circuit breakers, fuses, motor theory and applications will also be implied. Keeping you on track
for the next level of electrical class.

Electrical Level 3:

With completing two classes, students will gain more knowledge in motor controls, overcurrent
protections, practical applications of lighting, and conductor selection. Furthermore, it focuses on
hazardous locations, branch & feeder circuits, and distribution equipment.

Electrical Level 4:

The most advanced level that we offer is Electrical Level 4. This entails load calculations for both
feeders and services, health care facilities, standby & emergency systems, fire alarm systems, and
specialty transformers. This will also include a class on basic electronic theory.