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Culinary Arts will allow you to see food from the beginning. It will teach the fundamentals,
foundations, basic cooking and an internship to prove it all. The course will elaborate the importance of
the history of cooking so you can succeed in the modern era. All is taught from Sanitation and Culinary
Math to Knife Skills and Fabrication. With the experience of skilled chefs, this class will allow you to
succeed in the Culinary Industry.

Introduction to Culinary Fundamentals:

This class is an introduction to Culinary History, Safety & Sanitation, Tools & Equipment
knowledge, Knife Skills, and Culinary Math. This module explores the basic standards in order to
understand how the commercial kitchen operates.

Introduction to Culinary Foundations:

This class teaches the foundations of the Culinary Arts. Specifically on stocks preparations,
regional soups, the five mothers sauces, mise en place, basic cooking principles, and nutrition.
Demonstrating and teaching proper techniques that will apply in the workforce.

Introduction to Basic Cooking:

This class is where the real cooking happens. The chefs teach a variety of techniques from
understanding, preparation, and cooking different starches, vegetables, proteins, and garnishes. Also,
more hands-on learning with breakfast, sandwiches and salads. The final test will be a three-part exam
that includes a written test, a knife skill practical, and a three-course meal cooking practical.


You will be working in an actual kitchen operation with one of our partners on the island. With
all the classes you have taken, it will allow you to enter the workforce with the confidence, skills, and
knowledge to succeed in the daily kitchen operation.