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The Carpentry Course will allow you to become a certified individual in the Construction
Industry with focus on Carpentry. It will start with a prerequisite class that teaches the basics for the
construction trade followed by an introduction to carpentry and finished with a carpentry and framing
class. With the guidance of our industry professionals, students will take a test at the end of each class
to become certified by the National Center for Construction Educations and Research (NCCER) which is
recognized nationally in the United States.


Core class is a prerequisite class that is needed before continuing any construction specialty
trade. This gives the basic knowledge from construction math, introduction to hand tools and power
tools, introduction to drawings and basic materials handling. It also teaches about employability and

Carpentry Level 1:

This class will start off by an orientation to the trade, then will lead you to learn building
materials and equipment, followed by construction drawings, floor & wall systems, ceiling joist and roof
framing. The last half of the class will consist of building envelope systems, and basic stair layouts.

Carpentry Level 2:

Moving up into Carpentry this class will consist of Carpentry Framing and Finishings. Our instructors will teach you commercial drawings, cold formed steel framing and exterior finishings. Then will move into Thermal & Moisture protection, roofing applications, and door hardware. This will also have a new set of tools and techniques that will guide you to upward mobility.