COVID-19 Testing in the CNMI
Expanded testing capacity is one of the four pillars of the CNMI's Roadmap to Recovery.
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Reopening Schools Resources and FAQs

The following are hyperlinked resources, FAQs, and additional documents provided through the ELC. As of April 23, 2021

Reopening Schools FAQ – downloadable under the “Guidance” area, get answers to common questions regarding required activities, testing plans, allowable expenses, and more for this supplemental opportunity. Also available in REDCap Repository files.

ELC Reopening Schools Resource Guide – recipients can use these resources to plan school-based testing programs and assess applications for quick and scalable COVID-19 test data collection, patient management, and result reporting in non-laboratory points of care. Also available in REDCap Repository files.

Community of Practice webinar slides – PDFs of CoP webinars receipients received invitations to previously, covering screening testing programs in K-12 school settings.

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